BBM Massage Treatments use Deep Tissue Massage & Gentle Joint Mobilizations

Please note: Deep tissue massage can sometime be a little uncomfortable.

MASSAGE HANDSThis is because it works on the deeper layers of muscle tissue as the title suggests. Pressing deep into an area which is possibly stressed or tense already, is obviously not going to be comfortable sometimes, but with BBM Massage the client can give feedback by indicating how it feels for them.

The deeper muscle tissue is really responsible for holding your body steady and giving it a certain shape, while your phasic or superficial muscles perform various skills or general movements.

BBM deep tissue massage, focuses on these deep postural and body control muscles, leaving the superficial muscle groups to more specific styles such as sports massage or Swedish massage.

BBM deep tissue massage is also used to “Un-Stick” soft tissues to release deeply-held patterns of tension, so that your body can find a new and better shape and therefore look more balanced and upright and youthfull.

Gentle Joint Mobilizations

With BBM joint moblizations, nothing is ever forced, or aggressively cracked or crunched, rather joints are gradually encouraged back to towards their rightful place.


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