Your body is more valuable than your car, and I am sure you can understand the importance of a regular service for your car. The body though, just like a car is itself a vehicle, and just like a car, your body is also subject to wear and tear from the stresses and strains of use.

In terms of its alignment it can be fixed, like tracking and balancing the wheels of a car. We do this in order to avoid undue wear and tear upon the tyres, and it is the same for the body.
The environment, and terrain on which you “drive your body”, and actually how you drive it, is as with a car very important. If you kept crunching the gears, you would not expect them to last very long and neither does the body.

The way something is structured and positioned can also affect the way it functions, or whether or not it functions at all.

We would not expect any other instrument to work very well, if we took it and began twisting, pulling, or squashing it, yet this is exactly what we expect of the body.  As well as making your feel better straighter and more freely moving, it should also look better too.

The effects of an Alignment Therapy session are usually immediate, even if the body has been misshapen and off track for years and months. You will see a marked and immediate difference in the way it looks once it is re-tracked and balanced.

The re-tracking is not a “permanent fix” how can it be, it has many factors to contend with after the treatment…Your life!

Our usually poor postural habits, the way you walk, stand, sit, lie and your transition between these positions, are not easily or immediately broken, or improved. Your work station may not be ideal, your bed may be too hard/too soft, your favorite chair may be a devil in disguise!

These and a host of other factors mean, that just like a car, a maintenance program is needed if you want to keep your body tracked and balanced.

How many treatments

One treatment will show you what is possible. Four treatments will begin to re-educate your body into a better shape.

As the improved positioning begins to take hold (assuming you are working yourself through good body use to help to protect the session work during your everyday life) then there should be less and less to do on each visit.

Once the body is re-trained and re-tracked a check up every 6 months would be wise, as I say to my clients,

“Your back for instance is a lot more important than your teeth” you can actually manage without your teeth! So why not treat your back and the rest of your body with at least the same degree of care, and have a regular check up plus some maintenance work each year?”…
(j Brock)

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