“Body re-alignment is not about changing your posture…only you can do that in your everyday life…”

“It is about re-setting your frame and changing your body shape.” Which may then help you with any improved postural work you may wish to practice (Tips & Guidance with this are usually included).

MIS ALIGNED LADYBIP Alignment Massage not only straightens bodies out and improves their general shape, but also has other benefits in that it often helps to improve body efficiency, and body function. Without a doubt it helps to prevent premature body aging and wear and tear too.

This treatment is for people who have a sense that their body may be out of alignment and see that their body shape appears to be somewhat misshapen or uneven. Maybe you have noticed when viewing a recent photo?

The treatment uses deep tissue massage techniques and gentle rolling joint movements to re-position and balance the whole body or a particular area.

This treatment long term, also has the effect of re-educating the body back to how it looked years ago before bad postural habits set in. Your overall shape will look better, younger, your posture will be able to be much better if you begin to practice better movements and you will usually be left with a feeling of being taller and more evenly balanced as a result!



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